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St. Philip's Church, Harlem

Our Symbols

StPhilips shield nw.png

St. Philip's arms was commissioned in the mid-1960s by Dr. M. Moran Weston to be its identifying symbol. It represents the account of Philip, deacon and evangelist as written in Acts 8:26-40.The shield was created by Reverend Edward N. West, Canon Sacrsist of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.


In the upper left-hand corner of the shield is the Cross of St. George, representing the Anglican Communion throughout the world.
Superimposed on the Cross of St. George is a six pointed star with a circle intertwined, symbolic of the Holy Trinity. The descending dove and halo represent the Holy Spirit that came down to Philip and instructed him to go south on the road from Jerusalem to Gaza and told him to speak to the Ethiopian sitting in the chariot. The paving stones under the chariot symbolize the road traveled together by Philip and the man, who was described as being in charge of all the treasures of Candace, Queen of the Ethiopians. The broard wavy lines at the bottom of the shield represent the body of water in which Philip baptized the Ethiopian.


We celebrate what God has done as we have served him and his city

The words are inscribed in our stained glass window on the southeast wall of the altar. On sunny days the colors reflect a rainbow reminiscent of our diverse world onto the altar.

Willet Studios* designed and executed the 3-lancet side altar window in 1978 to commemorate the church's 167th year.

* now known as Associated Crafts-Willet Hauser

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