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St. Philip's Church Harlem


All are welcome.  Join us online or virtually for 10:00 a.m. Sunday Services.  Compline is online only every Wednesday.


To be a welcoming and vibrant inter-generational community of faith focused on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through joyful worship and love, commitment to spiritual growth and active service in the community

St. Philip's is

  • The Holy Eucharist features hymns led by either the Chancel Choir or the Voices of Praise, contemporary choir.  This service may the use incense and communal chanting for certain sections of the worship service.  

Both services use a Service Bulletin for the order of service and requisite pages found in the Book of Common Prayer, the 1982 Hymnal and LEVAS (Lift Every Voice and Sing). 

The Sign of the Cross 

Many Episcopalians continue to follow the ancient custom of making the sign of the cross at various points in the service, in remembrance of their Baptism.  Let your spirit guide you.


Christian Formation for Children


St. Philip’s believes in building up our children.  Christian formation generally takes place during the first half of our choral Eucharist service. The children join their families in church after the sermon and participate in the remainder of the service.

  • a liturgical church, that follows fixed orders of service, the liturgies, found in the Book of Common Prayer. The Eucharist, the communion, is the primary focus of our Sunday worship. 

  • an inter-generational community of faith, focused on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through joyful worship and love, commitment to spiritual growth, and active service in the community.

What to Expect on Sunday

 If you are new to St. Philip’s and the Episcopalian faith, just consider that you are entering into a conversation with God and the faithful. Just join in as you are.  All who seek God are welcome to the Lord’s Table and join our Eucharist - receive the Bread and Wine. Even if you do not seek God, you are still welcome because God seeks you.


During the year we may have two types of services. 

  • the Holy Eucharist is a spoken word service with prayers and a sermon but without hymns or music. It is contemplative and reflective.

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